Tamil Nadu’s share of FDI inflow down 4% in past 9 months

  • Maharashtra, Delhi, , Karnataka and Gujarat received nearly 75% of the total equity inflows into the country in the first nine months of FY19, while the top five sectors — services, computer hardware and software, chemicals, telecommunication and trading — accounted for nearly 65% of total inflow.
  • Its share in total FDI flows fell to 32% during 9M-FY18 and further to 24% in 9M-FY19.In contrast, Delhi has seen a sustained increase in its share in total FDI equity inflows—from 14% in 9M-FY17 to 17% in 9M-FY18 and further to 25% in 9M-FY19.
  • , West Bengal, Kerala, Rajasthan and Chandigarh (including Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh) collectively received nearly 15% of FDI equity inflows in 9M-FY19.They had only a 4% collective share in the comparable time frame the previous year.

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